Our Mission is to create an international dance festival, with its own program, during which there is a space and time to present and support young talents and schools in the area of ​​Dance and Movement, through the awarding of several Grants and Awards aimed at the promotion of opportunities for the development of the professional activity of dancers and performers. It is also our aim to promote the offer of creative diversity in dance to the public, honoring the professional career of the artists.


·        Develop work in various specific actions, all through the year, that promote the formation, presentation and artistic creation in the area of ​​dance and movement that will always culminate in a highly visible annual event, of two or more days.

·        Promote and organize, both on festival days and annually; Masterclasses, internships and workshops in the areas of Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Movement and Creation, with national and international teachers of recognized competence and demonstrated quality.

·       Support pre-professional dance students and young people both in their training and in their transition to professional life.

·        Work on the creation of a large, high quality, plural, eclectic international dance festival that creates value for dance students, professionals and companies, the public and the city of Braga.

The Festival

YOU LOVE DANCE – Braga Dance Festival, is designed for individual or group dancers, teachers and schools and all dance lovers,The YLD is characterized by the diversity of its contents and interests.A 2 day dance festival with various activities scheduled.