Group Regulations       

1. Composition 

The contest will consist of 2 distinct phases: Filming selection and final selection       

2. To whom it is intended

It is intended for dancers from 6 years. 

3. Groups

a) There are 5 (five) age groups 

1st -6 years old at 8 years old

2nd -9 years old at 11 years old

3rd -12 years old at 14 years old

4th -15 years old at 17 years old

5th -18 years old at 23 years old 

The age of the candidate on the day before the first day of the competition, is taken into account. Also the age of the oldest competitor will be the reference for placement in the respective group.  

4- Styles and Categories 

Pas de Deux and duets:

– Classical

– Neoclassical

– Duets

– All Other Styles 

Groups with three or more elements:

– Classical

– Neoclassical

– Contemporary dance

– Character dance

– Jazz / Musical

– Hip hop  

4.1 To open the style / category of Pas de Deux and Duets we will need a minimum of six (6) entries in total.

4.2 In the Pas de Deux category candidates can only present the adage and the coda

4.3 The organization reserves the right to change the levels according to the number of groups in competition. It may join two levels into one or divide a large number of groups into two levels.

4.4 The use of point shoes is not allowed in group 1.  

4.Duration and Number of Choreographies 

Candidates can submit the number of choreographies they want, provided that they respect the timings, as follows: 


Groups 1 and 2 – 2´30´´

Groups 3,4 and 5 – 3´  

5. Filming Selection

The first evaluation of the Group will be made through the filming of the choreography to take to the contest, which is mandatory to be sent by email to the organization, accompanied by the MP3 file of the respective music and information of the Candidate. 

Please note that after the deadline for Submissions and submission of their videos, the Schools will receive an email informing the selected groups for the next phase.

The selection of the choreographies submitted is made by the Festival Artistic Direction, with the support of invited professionals to evaluate specific styles.Confirmation of the presence of selected groups via email is required.


6) Stage / spacing rehearsals

The spacing will take place in the morning and early afternoon in the auditorium on the first day (Saturday, December 7), the order will be sent to all candidates in advance.

During spacing the teacher in charge can and should accompany the students until they enter the stage and cannot stay there when their students’ spacing is over.

The person in charge is required to be at least 18 years old at the date of the event.  

7. Semifinals 

It is mandatory for all groups to present themselves in the auditorium on time. Entry dates and times will be sent via email during the two weeks prior to the Contest. Selection is made according to the average of the scores of the various judges.  

8. Circumstances of declassification or inhibition of participation at this stage

1) Non-compliance with the established times.

2) Choreographies that exceed the regulatory time limits.

3) Lack of Confirmation of Presence.

4) Lack of proof of identity.

5) Inappropriate wardrobe.

6) Non-compliance with operating rules behind the scenes.

7) Disrespect for others: candidates, staff, teachers, jury, organization, etc.

8) Failure to comply with any rule contained in the regulation. 

* Choreographic moments that take place without music are counted as choreography duration. 

9. Final selection Presentation

1) Final Classical and neoclassical selection of the levels 1,2,3, 4 and 5

2) Final Contemporary selection of the 1,2,3,4 and 5 levels

3) Final selection of the remaining styles of steps 1,2,3,4 and 5 

10. GALA

It is up to the jury and the Artistic Coordination to decide which participating choreographies, as well as their order of presentation, at the Gala.

In the program of the Gala performance will also be presented pieces by invited professional Dancers, or Dance Companies.  

11. Input, Performances and Others   


Entry will be controlled by the Organization, participants and support staff, via the ID badge of participant.

Dressing rooms should be vacated shortly after the presentations so that they can be used immediately by the subsequent school / group, keeping it clean and orderly for everyone to use throughout the event.

The order of entry into the dressing room shall follow the order of entry in the scene as defined by the Organization.   


The presentations will take place in the morning and afternoon of the 7th and in the morning and afternoon of the 8th in the auditorium, and their order will be sent in advance, with the semifinals schedule.

During the presentations the responsible Students and Teachers should remain in the dressing room until they are called onstage.

After the presentations, no one can stay in the auditorium.    

Music, Filming and Copyright 

a) Filming and music for the choreographies must be sent to the organization’s email address within the stipulated period, and the rights to use the music and choreography are responsibility of the representative school. 

b) Only music that comes in MP3 format is accepted. Music in other formats will not be considered and will be unsubscribed. 

c) It is advisable to take a backup CD with the music to be presented. 

d) The music when sent by email must be properly identified. The subject of the email should include:

“MUSIC” / Group Name / Choreography Name / Group / Style

The title of the song must contain:Group Name / Choreography Name / Group / Style. 

13. Awards and Grants 

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each group and category.

A prize money will be awarded to the highest ranked Group in the overall contest. 

14. Registration 

a) Entries must be made through our website using the registration form. 

b) In parallel to the registration, the following elements must be sent via email:       

• Proof of transfer of total registration fee 

15. Registration Fee

Group with 2 to 5 elements = 20 € per element

Group with 6 to 10 elements = 17,5 € per element

Group with 11 or more elements = 15 € per elements   

NOTE:Registration fees for dancers and / or groups who compete independently are equal to those described above. 

16. Returns and dropouts 

The organization does not return 100% of the amount paid in any case. 

You will be refunded the amount only in the following cases:- 30% refund of registration fee for unselected groups.

– Refund of 25% of the registration fee for withdrawals only, and only, until November 17, 2019. 

After November 18, 2019, there will be no reimbursement, except in cases of illness or accident, which, upon medical certificate, will be refunded only 30% of the registration fee. 

17. Teachers, Heads, and School Directors  

Only one (1) Responsible for every 5 applicants from each School is accepted.Teachers can and should accompany students until they enter the stage and cannot stay there when the group’s performance ends. 

The person in charge is required to be at least 18 years old at the date of the event.  The Responsible is the only person who can change the cast, according to the rules of the regulation.Only the person in charge may have access to the judges’ opinions.

The person in charge should accompany the school / group in the stage rehearsal, warming room, dressing rooms, entrance and exit during the presentation. 

18. Accident Insurance  

All participants must have valid personal, or individual, or school / group personal accident insurance, otherwise they will not be able to participate. 

If they wish, the School may request from the Organization a budget for Personal Accident Insurance. 

Please note that Personal Accident insurance does not cover, nor is the Organization responsible for the disappearance of property. 

19. Contacts


Data for bank transfer: 

Will be sent timely by email.  

20. Advertising and Marketing, Websites and Social Networking  

Please be advised that images are not allowed during the selections. The organization has the right to use any image of the selection of the participants for the promotional purpose.  

21. Disclosure of Results of Competitive Shows

The announcement of the winners will happen daily after the show of each Style and Step.  

22. Cases not present in this Regulation 

It is the responsibility of the Organization to decide on any matter not contained in this Regulation.